Tear Staining

Teat StainingTear stains can pose a problem for both dogs and cats. Tear stains cause unsightly blemishes around a pet’s eyes and can permanently stain the animal’s fur. But, tear stains are more than just unsightly – they can actually signal the presence of a medical issue in your pet. It is important to understand the underlying medical issues behind tear stains on your pet’s fur, so you can take the proper steps to treat and prevent this issue. In addition, tear stains can lead to eye infections, skin infections and other serious ailments, so it’s important to treat and prevent the issue right away.

What Causes Tear Staining?

Typical tears that are shed from a dog or cat’s eyes are clear liquid. When bacteria, yeast or other foreign bodies are present, they mix with your pet’s tears and cause the liquid to have a dark brown or yellow color. The tears then mix with your pet’s fur to stain the fur brown, yellow or black. This can not only mar your pet’s appearance, it can be uncomfortable for him. Other causes of tear stains include the presence of fleas, a cold or flu virus, an eye injury or blocked tear duct, allergies and even poor nutrition.

How Are Tear Stains Treated?

It is important to determine the underlying issue that is causing the staining before any treatment can be attempted. As stated above, tear stains can be caused by a yeast infection or a bacterial infection. These two types of infections are treated differently, so it is important to determine what is going on so the proper prescription can be obtained. An eye injury or blocked tear duct may be at the heart of the issue and should be treated immediately. For these issues, you must seek the advice of your veterinarian. If your pet is dealing with a flea allergy that is causing the staining, you have to get rid of the fleas with a flea treatment and preventative product. Allergies may be the culprit, as well, and this can take a lot of trial and error before you determine what your pet is allergic to. Once this is determined, you can eliminate the allergen and the staining should go away.

Can Tear Stains Be Prevented?

In many cases, it is easier to prevent tear stains than it is to cure them. Try to eliminate all allergens and toxic chemicals from your living area for your pet. Ensure that your pet eats a balanced diet full of high-quality foods. The most important thing you can do to prevent tear stains is to add a supplement to your dog’s diet each day. NuVet has a great variety of supplements for both dogs and cats. The use of NuVet Plus each day will improve your pet’s total health, from bones and joints to skin and coat. These supplements will also help stave off the issues that cause tear staining. For more information on the complete line of NuVet products, or to read NuVet reviews, visit our website: www.nuvet.com

Supporting Your Dog’s Digestive Health

Some dogs will eat anything. It doesn’t matter if the object in question comes from the kitchen garbage or the sidewalk — or even is a food item! — they have to have it and down it goes before the words “Leave it!” escape your lips. Now what? An immediate call to your veterinarian is in order when your dog ingests a non-food item or a potentially toxic edible like houseplants or chocolate, as they could endanger your dog’s health if left alone.  In many cases, though, all you need do is wait for nature to take its course. The question is, what can dog guardians do on their own to prepare and protect their canine scavengers when they swallow something that’s not good for them?

You can minimize harm by feeding your dog a high quality, all-natural diet that is rich in the nutrients to strengthen and support the digestive and immune systems. In those circumstances when it’s allowable for nature to simply take its course, a strong and properly functioning digestive tract will process and expel the ingested item(s) quickly. A strong immune system will protect your dog if the item is contaminated with bacteria (for example, if your dog found it while rifling through the trash can).

These nutrients include alfalfa (which helps with digestive issues and can lessen the impact an associated allergic reaction may have on your dog’s entire system), blue green algae (which supports both immune system and intestinal health), and the herb cat’s claw (which also cleans out the digestive tract and stimulates immune activity). In addition, Papain, the B-complex vitamins and Vitamins B1, B3 and B6 maintain digestive health, while antioxidants like beta carotene, Vitamins C and E, iron, selenium, zinc, and pine bark provide powerful immune system support.

The canine nutritional supplement NuVet Plus from NuVet Labs contains all these ingredients and more, to keep your dog’s digestive and immune systems in optimal health for those times when he just can’t resist that leftover not-so-tasty-tidbit in the trash.

NuVet Pet Supplements – A Product Review

NuVet Pet Supplements

Different types of dog products are available for the dogs that can be beneficial for your dogs in terms to keep them healthy, fit and fine. Among all the different types of products nuvet vitamin is considered as the best product for dogs. Now the question that will be arise in everyone’s mind is that why they will give their pet nuvet vitamins instead of any other vitamins? What are the benefits using this product? Today in this article I am explaining you all about nuvet supplements, which contain amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and more. The main benefit of nuvet supplements is that it can be given to the dogs of all ages. It contains natural ingredients, no fillers, no artificial flavors, or additives.  All these ingredients make it safe for the puppies. For more information regarding its ingredients you can read NuVet reviews.


One pet professional has told us, “as we were weaning our big litter, we started adding crumbled up NuVet tablets into their puppy mush. With a big litter, you are bound to have 1 or 2 puppies that lag behind the rest. “

Another best thing about nuvet vitamin is that it has lots of health benefits. You can also read NuVet reviews. Main health benefits are:

i) It fights from radicals that are linked to disease.

ii) it provides overall immune system support.

iii) It reduces the risk of many common ailments.

Some of the health problems targeted by a healthy immune system and NuVet are, itching and hot spots, allergies, arthritis, premature aging, digestive problems and more.

“With the NuVet pet supplements, all the pups were strong. By 8 weeks, the puppies averaged 18-20 pounds and were all solid and healthy.”  NuVet pet vitamins are formulated so that all the ingredients work together within the dog’s bodily system. It was formulated using human grade, natural ingredients over a period of 8 years. Veterinarians, pharmacists and animal nutritionists worked together to come up with the best supplement available. There is also a NuVet supplement specially made for cats and kittens. You can also read nuvet reviews for getting more information about nuvet vitamins.

The Best Pet Vitamins For Dog

The Best Pet Vitamins

Are you looking for the best dog product? If yes, then congratulations! You have come to the right place. Here you will get all the answers of your questions. Isn’t it amazing to have the best dog product for your dog? Having the best dog product for your dog can help to keep your dog healthy, fit and fine. In today’s world, everyone is dog lover. If you are a dog owner then it is very important for you to keep your dog healthy as they can be. You can also read about nuvet reviews through various reputed websites. 

Nuvet - Best pet vitamin

A few days ago someone introduced us about the nuvet plus vitamins that is really good for our dog. This nuvet plus vitamin helps to keep our dog healthy, fit and fine.  Continue reading

Nuvet Reviews: Pet Industry Trends – Dog Products

Pet Industry Trends

NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus provide dogs with powerful nutrients that enhance performance on the agility course. You know the joy the competitors derive from navigating those obstacles! Our products keep agility dogs in top form. NuVet reviews further illustrate the importance of NuVet products to an agility dog’s career.

NuVet Plus contains the building blocks essential to strong bones, muscles, joints and tendons – all crucial to the health of your canine athlete – and the energy levels needed for top performance. Ingredients like amino acids build muscle, bone, and tendon cells and protect the health of connective tissues. They also support protein synthesis. NuVet Plus uses paddle-dried chicken liver in its unique formulation. Why paddle-dried? NuVet Labs utilizes this patented process to better retain omega fatty acids and the vitamins A, C, and the B-complex group. Continue reading

Dog Products That an Owner Cannot Live Without

Today’s pet owners take their responsibilities seriously, and many consider their dogs and cats to be four-legged members of their families. With this mentality, more and more pet parents are investing in high-end dog and cat food for their pets, and assuming that this means all of their nutritional needs are being met. However, dogs and cats need many different vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that aren’t found even in the best name brand dog foods.


At NuVet Labs, we create nutritional supplements for your pets that are designed to meet all of their many nutritional needs. The unique blend of antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients, minerals and more in NuVet Plus took eight years of research and testing to complete. We are proud of the products that we offer pet parents across the country, and we love the fact that our nutritional supplements allow people to maximize their time with their pets. Continue reading